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Andy Warhol -- 29 juni 1978

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) was een Amerikaanse kunstenaar. Hij hield een dagboek bij van 1976-1987.

Thursday, June 29,1978
Had a daie to have lunch wilh Truman and his boyfriend Bob MacBride to discuss Interview. Cabbed 10 La Peiitc Marmite which is on 49lh in the Beekman Towers ($4). Truman said he's starting to be normal again and when I believed him he told me I was (laughs) "too naive."
Truman was throwing his hands all over the place. I taped, and we dished the whole lunch.
He said that after lunch he was going to his analyst and I asked why someone like him would go to an analyst and he said because it was an old friend and he didn't want to hurt his feelings by not going.
Truman is so silly-looking, open-toe shoes and no sweater, and he said he just decided that he's going to start wearing anything. He said that Issey Miyake sent him a coat and he just threw it on immediately— he was written up in the papers when he wore it to Studio 54 with a white hat. We had lots of drinks and it was fun, and then it got down to what Truman had invited me for. Bob MacBride who he always said was a writer but who we could never figure out what he did is now doing sculpture. He's left his wife and kids.
We went back to Truman's place in U.N. Plaza. He's redecorated, but the bulldog's torn off the buttons and the fringes hom the furnilure. And Bob MacBride brought out his—toys. His art. It was little cut-outs, like you make in kindergarten. You know? Like circles, and then you paste another circle over it, and you make hexagons and things. That's what he does. And they wanted me to help him get a gallery. I said he'd just missed Leo Castelli, that he just went out of town, but that when he got back we'd make a lunch for Leo and him, and Leo will think that's fun—lunch with Truman Capote.
1 told Truman I would tape him and we could write a Play-a-Day, he could act out all the parts himself. (laughs) He could really do it—play his grandmother and everything.
He gave me all the din, we dished Lee and Jackie. Lee's got a new really rich boyfriend in San Francisco, that's why she's spending time there. Truman said the Ladies' Home Journal offered him $10,000 to review a movie but they wouldn't teil him which one it would be, and then he found out it was The Greek Tycoon so he turned it down. I think Truman likes me because I like everything he doesn't. He's so nuts, you're embarrassed sitting there with him. And he's always talking about how he's gelling a hundred thousand for this and a million for that, but who knows.
He was thrilled, he said, with his Tom Snyder show a couple of months ago, thought it was really one of his best. I don't know why he doesn't go on The Gong Show.
Home to glue. Then picked up Catherine and went to Doublés to get the bus to see Lucie Arnaz opening in Annie Get Your Gun out at the Westbury Music Fair. Barry Landau was in charge, and I think he (laughs) invited all the people in his apartment building. I really think he did. People were going in for drinks and Gary Morton couldn't get in because he didn't have a tie. The doorman was so dumb, I told him, "Don't you know that's Mr. Lucy?" Lucille Ball looks so old but she has a beauliful body, and she really was a beauty.
On the ride out, Bill Boggs did some announcing, and then Gary Morton did some announcing, like, "Here we go by a garbage can," things like that, and finally after an hour and a half we arrived. The place looked empty, but then when they saw Lucy, every old lady in a pantsuit came swarming. God, why do Americans dress so bad? Do they want to look unattractive so they won't get raped, or what? When did it start?
But Lucie Arnaz was good, and I just love Harve Presnell, he's the one I always really loved. He's 65" and Tammy Grimes had an affair with him. The show was really long, 1 don't know why.
Oh, a woman came up and asked for my autograph and she said, 'Tm Gloria DeHaven," and I looked at her and it was. So I think maybe there were a lot of old stars that you just couldn't teil. A kid was throwing up, and it was funny because we all just stood there and watched him.

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