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May Dewey - 28 februari 1889

Thursday 28
I have worked up to the last minute. Gussie came before we were dressed. He sent Ella and I some lovely flowers. I had a large bunch of pink roses. Fletcher and Jared Dimick sent us a lovely basket of flowers. It is lovely of them. Well they all they seemed to have a lovely time. It was so funny to watch the fellows they were so shy of the girls for they couldn’t talk while in mask and domino. We kept on our dominoes until 11 o’clock when we took partners for the German. The minute I unmasked all the fellows came up to shake hands so I had to stay down a few moments. I took Barclay McCarty for my partner the funny part was that when I had my mask still on he came right up to me and said “I am so pleased Miss Dewey to find I am the favored one this evening.” I am sure I don’t know how he knew me. I never knew him so since we carried on a desperate flirtation he said all manner of things. We flirted outrageously. Pansy spoke to me afterwards about it. Also, Flora, Ed Delanoy while in at supper overheard one of his remarks and laughed. Well, I don’t blame him. It was so silly. I thought of Mr. Page at 12:15 which was near enough. I wonder if he thought of me probibly not. I was having too good a time to stop and think of him much but Barclay McCarty said you have been thinking of something or someone for the last five minutes. I wonder how he knew for I still talked to him. We did not close till 3 o’clock which was very late. They all said they never had such a lovely time and I think they did enjoy it for we had six “stags” and favors for them. I got 19 favors which others may take home. But one can’t force to take them. The favors were for the men, whips with date on, pipes, sachets, candy faces, frogs, paper cutters and for the girls, hoops and bells with date on, pretty candle sets, sachets, candy baskets, frogs, letter openers. I got in bed about 4 o’clock just then about 4 fellows went in the room next to mine and played poker until 6 o’clock next morning. Pansy sent us some lovely violets.

Florence May Dewey (1869-?) woonde in 1889 in New York en hield gedurende ruim een jaar een dagboek bij.

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