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John Dee -- 12 mei 1591

May 12th, I payd goodwife Welder xijs. for vij. wekes ending then next from the Wensday before Ester-day last. May 25th, of the old Kalander, Sir Thomas Jones Knight (unaxed) offred me his castell of Emlyn in Wales to dwell in so long as he had any interest in it, whose lease dureth yet twelve yeres, freely, with commodityes adjoining unto it; and allso to have as much mow land for rent, as myght pleasure me sufficiently. The 27th day he confirmed the same his offer agayn before Mr. John Harbert, Master of the Requestes, in his hall in Mortlak; which his offers I did accept of, and he was glad thereof. May 31st, Bartilmew [Hickman] cam up and browght Jane his dowghter with him. Mr. R. Ed. his boke and letter. June 8th, William Aspland of Essex and Th. Collen. June 12th, lent Chronica Hollandiæ Magna to Mr. Beale on Saterday manuscript, which Mr. Webb lent me. June 14th, Jane Hikman to goodwife Tyndall’s to lern. June 27th, Arthur wownded on his hed by his own wanton throwing of a brik-bat upright, and not well avoyding the fall of it agayn, at Mr. Harberts abowt sonn-setting. The half-brik weighed 2½ lb. June 30, Madinia was taken home from goodwife Welder.

John Dee (1527–1608 of 1609) was een Engels humanist, filosoof, wiskundige, geograaf, astroloog en adviseur van koningin Elizabeth I. Hij hield van 1577 tot 1601 een dagboek bij.

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