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Edgar Rickard -- 8 mei 1945

Tuesday, May 8
To Tucker for injection. President Truman announces official capitulation of Germany at 9 A.M. It comes as anti-climax and his pronouncement sounded very flat, with neither warmth or enthusiasm. Most shops close, and people mill about in streets, but spontaneity is lacking.
H.H. feels as I do; says he has been told by at least three responsible people that if he (H.H.) should ask to see Truman he would be cordially received and a big job in Europe offered. H.H. says he will not go to see Truman unless Truman asks him, and then he will gladly give all the information and help that he can.

Edgar Rickard (1874-1951) was bijna heel zijn leven lang een vriend en vertrouweling van de Amerikaanse president Herbert Hoover. De vriendschap tussen Hoover en Harry S Truman wordt bij de Truman Library gedocumenteerd met onder meer dagboekfragmenten van Rickard.

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