zaterdag 21 januari 2012

William Francis Hessey -- 21 januari 1929

Monday, 21 January
Edwardstone House
We were all called late so did not get off in car till 7.40 am: Lil, Betty, Roddy and Marcus Goodboody. I got them in to Colchester station in time to get some tea and cakes and catch the 8.21 am train for town.
In the evening Betty and Polly called us up from 15 Pelham Crescent and told us that Reg Burns (Bruce?) was offering Polly and me a passage to South Africa and back, to start on February 1st. Tremendous excitement of Pippa. This should do Polly a very great deal of good.

* Dagboekfragmenten van Williem Francis Hessey
* William Francis Hessey (1868-1939)

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