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John Hancock -- 5 januari 1865

This morning handed Mr D.S. $120 more to complete purchase of tools and make his dispositions to get to work, he is anxious to start and in the morning made application for a trade store for him at Boutta's Station, had the promise of it, and will get the papers tomorrow. He very generously proposed that it be considered part of the shingle transaction, so I become co-partner in a store too. One of his sons is to take charge of it. Got Dr. P. to copy the canal bill and net up to the Legislature to make the acquaintance of some of the members. Met a number and was introduced by Major R.B.J and others to them. It is not proper to speak of them on such slight acquaintance. There are some quite intelligent, gentlemanly looking members, many not so —

* Dagboek van John Hancock
* John Hancock (1824-1893)

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