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Francis Burton Harrison -- 16 januari 1936

January 16, 1936
Luncheon alone with Quezon. I told him how surprised I was at the lateness of some of his guests at the banquet on Tuesday — he said it was the a.d.c.’s fault — the system had been running down — I replied that there was a general lowering of American social manners in the last twenty years. He said he was going to raise the standard of manners and clothes at Malacañan — “you know” he remarked “how familiar I am with my own friends in private, but in official matters I am going to insist on form.” He was annoyed because Murphy had not brought a full dress coat down from Baguio, so he (Quezon) also had to wear white ... [lees verder]

At luncheon he was waited on by my Ah King and a new Chinese number two boy — I commented upon how wise it was to have foreign servants who did not understand his conversation any too well, and who would probably neither understand nor repeat what was said at his table — he said that was the point. I understand he just added five American policemen to the Malacañan staff — one of them recommended to him previously as the man who had arrested an armed murderer — “that’s just the kind of man I want” he replied.

* Dagboek van Francis Burton Harrison
* Francis Burton Harrison (1873-1957)

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