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Ralph Waldo Emerson -- 25 januari 1820

Mixing with the thousand pursuits and passions and objects of the world as personified by Imagination, is profitable and entertaining. These pages are intended at their commencement to contain a record of new thoughts (when they occur) ; for a receptacle of all the old ideas that partial but peculiar peepings at antiquity can furnish or furbish ; for tablet to save the wear and tear of weak Memory, and, in short, for all the various purposes and utility, real or imaginary, which are usually comprehended under that comprehensive title Common Place book. O ye witches, assist me ! enliven or horrify some midnight lucubration or dream (whichever may be found most convenient) to supply this reservoir when other resources fail. Pardon me, Fairy Land ! rich region of fancy and gnomery, elvery, sylphery, and Queen Mab ! pardon me for presenting my first petition to your enemies, but there is probably one in the chamber who maliciously influenced me to what is irrevocable ; pardon and favour me ! — And finally. Spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, wherever ye glow, whatsoever you patronize, whoever you inspire, hallow, hallow this devoted paper — Dedicated and Signed January 25, 1820,

[Hiermee begint het eerste bewaard gebleven dagboek van Emerson, die toen 17 jaar was. Hij zou vrijwel zijn hele leven een dagboek bijhouden. (NL vertaling hier)]

* Dagboek van Ralph Waldo Emerson
* Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

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