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Richard Grayson -- 6 april 1970

• De Amerikaanse schrijver Richard Grayson (1951) houdt al bijna zijn leven lang een dagboek bij. Fragmenten uit de jaren '70 staan hier online.

Monday, April 6, 1970
A difficult day, for I had to face myself. Dr. Wouk and I got down to the real nitty-gritty today. We discussed my homosexual feelings and fantasies.
He doesn’t think I should tell my parents anything; that would just worry them. He says gay people can be changed, but only if they want really to, and he doesn’t see anything that makes him feel I do. Neither do I.
Dr. Wouk suggested I don’t look for any gay encounters in the near future; it would upset me too much right now. We have to find out why I took my mother’s role instead of my father’s. This was the most revealing session Dr. Wouk and I have had.

After lunch at Wolfie’s, I went to the Student Center and talked with Jeanne. In Psych, Dr. Bonchek lectured on the phallic stage and Erikson’s theories.
In English, we discussed Benito Cereno, which hardly anybody had read. I was tired and depressed and so I cut Science. It was good seeing my classmates again after the vacation. I got the new College Bulletin, which is interesting reading.

The Senate killed the move to send the Carswell nomination back to the Judiciary Committee, so it looks like he’ll be confirmed on Wednesday.

Tonight I read the Melville story and watched a silly preview of tomorrow night’s Oscar awards.

David Eisenhower threw out the first baseball of the year.

Both the Knicks and the Rangers got into the playoffs.

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