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Frances Woolfolk Wallace -- 7 april 1864

• De Amerikaanse Frances Woolfolk Wallace (1835-1904) hield van maart-augustus 1864 een reisdagboek bij van haar reis van het zuiden van de VS naar Canada (waar ze naartoe verbannen was), dat bekend is onder de titel A Trip to Dixie.

April 7, 1864.
Much hurry and bustle to get ready for the cars. We part with our kind friends, leave at 8 o'clock on the cars for Big Black. Reach that place, feel very disconsolate, pulling up the bank with our heavy baskets, et cetera. Soldiers all around us but no assistance. We have had so many escorts seems quite hard to go alone, so up to the Camp--meet Captain Kuhn, very polite, invites us to his tent and takes us to General Dennis. He gives us but little encouragement. Much to our surprise he gives us two ambulances, a wagon, and escort. Captain Kuhn goes with us as far as the Confederate pickets. We go for several miles and stop and send a flag of truce. While waiting it rained furiously--trunks all wet--soon the escort returns with Confederate soldiers who permit us to pass. We got to Mr. Cook's house five miles from Big Black--Big Black very high--dangerous crossing-- one of our horses fell--part of bridge broken--next morning fell in. At Mrs. Cook's met the first Confederate troops-- the first I saw & who helped me out of the ambulance was a young Lieut. Wren--handsome Louisianian--how strangely I felt--then they met--Federals & Confederates--shook hands-- both drank to our success--apparently good friends. Oh the horror of this war. We parted with the Feds who had been very kind indeed to us. Came in and talked a while with the Southern soldiers--find we have to remain here for several days--have sent to Gen. Armstrong for conveyances. George seems to be delighted to get to Dixie Land--is quite a pet with all.

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