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Alfred Kazin -- 6 november 1956

Alfred Kazin (1915-1998) was een Amerikaanse schrijver en criticus. Delen uit zijn dagboeken zijn gepubliceerd als Alfred Kazin's Journals.

November 6,1956
[...] Look at us now, this week of murder and bloodshed unspeakable in the world — in Hungary and Egypt. We all go on planning things, planning so comfortably and idyllically, thinking about our souls and the progress of our culture and our lives, and all the while these tremendous human forces working in and around us, working us, if not as the Marxists say, completely, still so smashingly that it's both a comedy and a horror to realize for one single moment, when we pick ourselves up dazedly from the floor, that all our thoughts about and from ourselves consistently miss the dynamic, historical element that has put us where we are. [...]

This week of Egypt and Hungary has brought me back to my historical sense, to my sense of life as a process, as action: to the tragedy that we begin to recognize as soon as we see that the will is certainly not absolute.

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