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Allen Ginsberg -- 5 april 1947

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) was een Amerikaanse dichter en schrijver. Dagboekaantekeningen uit de periode 1937-1952 zijn gepubliceerd in The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice.

April 1947 [Reading List].
Tillotson, Geoffrey. The Moral Poetry of Pope
Stevens, Wallace. Esthétique Du Mal: A Poem
Shakespeare, William. Sonnets, Romeo, Richard II, Midsummer Nights' Dream
Fielding, Henry. The Adventures of Joseph Andrews
Durrell, Lawrence. Cities, Plains and People: Poems (rehearsed)
Fielding. Henry. The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great
Boswell, James. Boswell's Life of Johnson, edited by Charles G. Osgood (Scribner's, 1917) 550 pp.
Drew, Elizabeth. Directions in Modern Poetry
Nims, John Frederick. The Iron Pastoral
Greenberg, Samuel. Poems
Rodman, Selden. A New Anthology of Modern Poetry (Modern Library)
Auden, W.H. New Year Letter (The Double Man)
(Met Auden and Kallman)
another time: Poems (The Orators, [and] Sea and the Mirror)

April 29, [1947].
No news for you, lots elsewhere. Trouble with Cassady; lain with Carr; argued, affection, split, his angst. Seduction of Lucien to human perturbation; near Bill's view of him now. Naomi, Bellevue, radio back. etc. etc. Depression, relieved, but settling in; sexual stasis again.
More jazz
Out on a limb — (Trio) Lenny Tristano
Walkin' Boogie — L. Hampton
Holiday — Brown Eyes, Lover Man, Man I Love
House of Joy (Cozy Cole) or (?)
Sunny Side of Street — (Dorsey?)
Miller — String of Pearls
James — One O'clock Jump
Pearl Baily — Tired
Dinah Washington, Hamp — Blow Top Blues
3 Bips and a Bop — La pi da pickup — Haba (Scat)

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