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Wolfhilde von König -- 18 december 1939

Wolfhilde von König (1925-1993) was als meisje lid van de Hitler-Jugend en hield in de oorlogsjaren een dagboek bij, dat in het Engels is vertaald als Wolfhilde’s Hitler Youth Diary 1939-1946.

Munich, 13 December 1939
Heavy naval engagement between the German armor-plated battleship Admiral Graf Spee and three British cruisers at La Plata Bay. After inflicting severe damage to the stronger opponent, Graf Spee enters the Uruguay harbor of Montevideo to repair its damages.

Munich, 16 December 1939
Reich's Street Collection. A huge success. Over half a million beautiful wooden figurines were sold in Munich alone. Not to mention the many old medals, which were also sold rapidly. It was really cold. The wind blew fiercely and there was heavy snowfall, but we pulled it off anyway.

Munich, 17 December 1939
On Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings, our school has Day of Home Music, during which we girls sing and play instruments. Vati is not coming for Christmas. The Fatherland demands this sacrifice and we accept it. Countless others make this sacrifice as well. Admiral Graf Spee has been destroyed by its own crew. The Führer gave this command after the Uruguayan government denied the port-time which would have been necessary to repair this battleship.

Munich, 18 December 1939
An extraordinary victory for the German Air Force above the German Bay [The Bay of Heligoland], After a hard-fought battle, fighters of the Schuhmacher Squadron shot down 36 out of 52 English warplanes.

Munich, 20 December 1939
Last Jungmädel home afternoon gathering before Christmas. We had a small Christmas party. Christmas tree branches and candles decorated the room. We sang our beautiful old Christmas songs. Our little ones performed "Snow White" and "Goose Girl," both old German fairytales. The childlike sincerity of their performance was a joy to behold. With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, we said good-bye to each other.

Munich, 23 December 1939
Vati came home unexpectedly. He will stay with us for a while. The Christmas season will now be even better.

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