woensdag 17 mei 2017

Sergej Diaghilev -- 18 mei 1903

Sergej Pavlovitsj Diaghilev (1872–1929) was een Russische impresario. Op deze website zijn een aantal dagboekfragmenten van hem te vinden.
• Portret: Valentin Serov

(18 mei 1908) We were all in a state of fever. I was staying at the Hôtel de Hollande, which no longer exists, in the Rue de la Paix. We all went late to bed. In the early hours I heard a knock at my door.
"Who is it?"
"It is I, Chaliapine. Can I come in?"
"What's the matter, Feodor Ivanovitch?"
"Is there a settee in your room? I can't bear to be alone."
So that giant spent the night in my room, sleeping fitfully, curled up on a tiny sofa.

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