vrijdag 29 mei 2015

Elizabeth Oldham -- 29 mei 1947

From the diary of a Johnstown housewife (Mrs. Elizabeth Oldham of Moxham)

Thursday May 29, 1947
Bessie and Pat took Ida and I out to the (Grandview?) cemetery and we fixed up the graves.
It rained on the way out.
But the sun come out and it got nice. We got along good. Ida and I fixed up Dads & Mothers graves and did what we could towards fixing the rest of the graves. Bessie and Pat fix up their graves. I fell and bumped my head on a log in under the grape harber.

Friday, May 30, 1947
I baked bread to day. But did not do any thing else much. I am not feeling very good. Chester & his family and Else Wagner and her girl was here a while this evening. They was out at the cemetery to fix up the graves.

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