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Peggy Ward -- 20 november 1966

Peggy Ward (1921-2010) was een Britse huisvrouw en moeder. Tussen 1955 en 1970 hield ze een dagboek bij.

Sunday 20th November 1966
Gillian enjoyed a lie-in with Joan until 10am!! We had coffee with Phyl. Tim rang – sounded sad. He has to go into hospital tomorrow. We saw Joan through London Airport. She rang at 6:30pm from Moreton-in-the-Marsh.

Monday 21st November 1966
Driving Lesson
Got on quite well – did my 3-point turn and some traffic work and put in for my test. Had to do some work at home this evening. Joan rang – nothing to report on Tim yet.

Tuesday 22nd November 1966
Worked am & pm – didn’t feel like going to Young Wives – but I made it along with eight others! We did some play reading. Joan rang while I was out. Tim comfortable

Wednesday 23rd November 1966
Joan rang – Tim had the radium needles inserted – but x-rays showed them to be in the wrong place – so it has to be done again. Wrote to Dad and Mur. Mixed the Christmas puds.

Thursday 24th November 1966
Very foggy all day. Not feeling at my best today. Don’t know if I’m tired or what – I do feel weary. Did some baking when we got home from school. New shop in village rather pricey.

Friday 25th November 1966
12:45 Dental – me
Mr Ross just filled one tooth – I was able to catch the five past one bus to Esher. Shopped in the rain. Very tired! No sooner home than out again to meet children. Joan rang – Tim comfortable.

Saturday 26th November 1966
What a spend this morning! We went to Walton and I bought three dresses for me and one for Gill!! Then after lunch to Claygate where I bought a pair of ‘moddy’ black shoes costing £4:0:8! Joan rang – Tim wasn’t so uncomfortable today. Made the Christmas cake.

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