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John Jay Johns -- 25 december 1876

Dec. 25, 1876. Another Christmas Day, cloudy, not very cold. A light snow on the ground. We are having a very marry time. So many of the children with us. We had a happy time over the Christmas gifts this morning. Everybody got presents. These family reunions on these occasions are very pleasant and these gifts, no matter how little, of affection very gratifying. As people get older their happiness is very much bound up in their children and grandchildren. Our children give us a great deal of comfort and the great desire of our hearts is that they be christians. Some of them are absent today, but they are fondly remembered by us. What a blessed thing in this world of sin and sorrow is a Christian family, - where the influences of religion pervade and control the sympathies and affections of our nature. George is at Princeton College and Fred is at Boonville, Mo. Louisa is at Carrollton, Mo., and Mary at Windsor, Henry County, Mo. Four absent and six here with us, and three are in the Father's House.

John Jay Johns (1818-1899) was een Amerikaanse boer die een groot deel van zijn leven een journaal bijhield.

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