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Albert M. Potter -- 23 december 1840

Dec 23d [1840] Wednesday. Have finished in my reading of Anatomy, this afternoon, the bones and commenced on Syndesmology. I ought to have much farther advanced but for interruptions and a present turn of feeling for society leading me to spend quite too much time from my books. Thus far however I am much disposed to like the study & as I proceed I find the interest increases. If Anatomy is the most uninteresting part, as many think, excepting Materia Medica I am sure I shall become deeply engaged in the course as I advance.
Have been out calling this evening. Called on Mr F Roe a young man of fine taste & acquirements. I find company of such character beneficial & pleasant, and wish I had more at my command. Came in half past 8 oclk & seated myself to the reading of Greyslaer a Romance of the Mohawk, a historical work. Like it well thus far.

Albert M. Potter. Diary 1837-1840.

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