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Francis James King-King -- 9 december 1887

Dec. 9th. The Quorn at Willoughby. Blowing hard from the west. Found in Willoughby Gorse, got away for Wymeswold, then hunted down wind & went pretty straight to ground in the railway bank between Broughton Stn. & the Curate. Found again in the Curate: away pretty quick & dipped in to the Vale, Broughton to the right, over the Broughton brook, to within a field of Sherbrooke’s covert, thence up the hill to Little Belvoir, Kent’s Thorns on the right over the road by the end milestone, where the fox was viewed just before us, & up to a farm where I think the fox hid himself. A fox was viewed beyond Old Hills & with a very catchy scent we ran by Scalford Stn. Along the brook side nearly into Melton & were run out of scent.

Rode Sultana

Francis James King-King (1838-1906) was een Engelse huzaar die jachtdagboeken bijhield.

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