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John Lauder Fountainhall -- 4 juni 1674

On the 4 of June 1674 Mr. Thomas Murray of Glendoick, advocat, was admitted and receaved, in obedience to the Kings letters, a Lord of the Session, in place of Lee deceissed, as he was ane ordinary Lord, for they say Sir William Lockart the Collonell had his place by way of survivance and reversion of Justice Clerk.

On the same 4 of June Mr. David Balfour of Forret or Glentarkie was, upon the Kings letter, receaved ane ordinar Lord in the place vaikand by the dimission of Sir Androw Ramsay of Abbotshall.

On the 4 of June 1674, in obedience to a new comission for the Secret Councell, sent doune by the King, the Councell was of new modelled, 6 of the former members put out, viz. the Earle of Queinsberry, Earle of Roxbrugh, Earle of ----, Earle of Tuedale, the Lord Yester, and Generall Major Drummond, and 6 new Councelors assumed in their place, viz. the Earle of Mar, Earle of Kinghorne, ----, Lord Rosse, my Lord Colinton, and my Lord Craigie.

Sir John Lauder of Fountainhall (1646–1722) was een Schotse rechtgeleerde. In zijn Journals is ook een Chronicle of events connected with the Court of Session te vinden.

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