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Angus Fraser -- 26 februari 1990

Angus Fraser (1965) is een Engelse cricketspeler. Hij hield een dagboek bij tijdens de wedstrijden die hij voor het Engelse nationale team speelde. Onderstaand fragment gaat over de vierde dag van de testmatch tegen de West Indies.

Day four
My diary reminds me that I called this the most frustrating and annoying day of my career to date. I see no reason to argue with that now. As soon as we woke up, a glance through the window told us the awful truth. Just to confirm what we already knew, we were told not to bother going down to the ground as there was no immediate prospect of play. Sabina Park was under water. All of us just sat around in our rooms, waiting for news. It was still overcast and there was rain in the air. Lunch was a very solemn affair. After eating, we all went down to the ground to have a look at the situation ourselves and to put a bit of pressure on the groundstaff to dry things up as quickly as humanly possible.
It was still drizzling, and very wet at the George Headley Stand end. Apart from that, the only really wet patches seemed to be on the bowlers' run-ups, which led me, in my depressed state, to write in my diary that 'it smells of foul play'. The groundstaff seemed to be doing very little to clear the outfield and some of them even said they didn't want to see the West Indies' proud record at Kingston ruined so they weren't going to rush to get things dry!
It was obvious there would be no play all day, so I went to the Sky control room with a few others to watch highlights of the first three days. It was all very exciting having Sky on this tour. It added to the sense of what we were doing being important to the people back home, because they could see every ball of an overseas tour, a real luxury then for the cricket enthusiast.
Eventually, play was called off for the day and we went back to the hotel to play a bit of tennis before going for a run, during which it absolutely poured down again. It was awful. We wanted to win so much and all we could do was sit around helplessly, not knowing what to do with ourselves. We just shook our heads and waited for the weather to improve.

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