zondag 14 januari 2018

Susan Sontag -- 13 januari 1960

Reborn bevat (dagboek)notities van schrijfster Susan Sontag (1933-2004) uit de periode 1947-1963.

... It may take me five years to understand why I don't like to answer the telephone ...
... So many levels on which I understand the telephone knot . . . And contemporary language, with its facile vocabulary of self-analysis, helps me to continue to live on the surface of myself. I can say I am shy; or neurotic; or sensitive to the barbaric insult to privacy represented by the telephone. (This was Wolf Spitzer's theory chez Helen Lynd the other night when I raised the problem in a bottle to their eyes.)— I exclude as not even worth considering the "psy"-type insights such as "My mother made me use the telephone when I was two," "Black telephones are sexual symbols," etc.

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Re-reading Anna Karenina

For several centuries B.C. some Greek temples were maintained as retreats, where the emotionally disturbed could recover in a calm + restful atmosphere ('milieu therapy')

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